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TurnKey Broker offers online trading software and stock option trading services. White label trading platform and broker day trading software solutions, risk management software, direct access trading, and more. TurnKey offers several complete trading software solutions for traders, brokers, hedge funds, and financial institutions worldwide. We provide real-time data feeds and direct access trading platforms. All our software platforms can be white labeled with your company name, allowing you to market the product as your own. Our in house development team enables us to offer on the fly customized programming. TurboTick pro is our professional desktop level 2 data and trading application. TurboTick Web is our web trading system developed in Microsoft Silverlight framework. TurboTick Pro and TurboTick Web are tied into one state of the art back office management system. Our TradeReporting software platform was developed for proprietary trading firms as a back office application designed to support proprietary trading activities. The back office allows you to create your own commission plans including customized ECN fee schedules. Profit and Losses are computed in real-time. These are just a few of many features the back office offers..